The Two Books

I have some extra time on my hands and have been deciding about what to read & learn. There are largely a few schools of possibility – enjoy the philosophical & spiritual reading in a more relaxed mind OR use the time to learn a few skills & upgrade.

Yesterday I came across this quote :

Religion deals with the truths of the metaphysical world just as chemistry and the other natural sciences deal with the truths of the physical world. The book one must read to learn chemistry is the book of nature. The book from which to learn religion is your own mind and heart. The sage is often ignorant of physical science, because he reads the wrong book — the book within; and the scientist is too often ignorant of religion, because he too reads the wrong book — the book without.

Swami Vivekananda

The quote for me is about the balance between Spirituality & Science. It highlights the importance of attaining mastery in both the internal and external world. Now I attempt to balance reading both books… by reading two different books 🙂

When you get stuck…

There are moments when you are against a problem that seems a bit too large for you. There are times when you just have too much to think of, that you can’t get your head around it all. Some give up, some fight back.

Most fight-backs against such situations involves thought and strategising. When the problem is a bit too large & the variable innumerable – the analysis phase usually leads to a paralysis.

I find the easiest way to avoid such a situation is to just form a hypothesis & take an action early on (call it a proof of concept, hypothesis validation, pilot, whatever other fancy name you can come up with). If you try early, you can fail without pressure – after all it was a test & we are still gathering our views on the innumerable variables.

The approach usually teaches you more than pure analysis & more importantly gives you momentum. Life is a momentum game after all.

The perfect piece of Jewellery

Sometimes we go chasing after that perfect piece of jewellery often forgetting that diamonds with a few blemishes dazzle just the same.

Sometimes it becomes harder to see the dazzling and easier to see the blemishes. The human brain after all is a great rationalisation unit. It rationalised anti-Semitism, Harijans and numerous other things around the world. It can surely rationalise either side of the argument  too. Question remains which side we feed to the fox. 

The sound of Water

The sound of water is relaxing and meditative. As he explains in Siddhartha, perhaps also captures the essences of life. Water is both still and moving at the same time. It captures the eternal oneness of all. Through all of that it is meditative, reflective and relaxing. I can sit for hours listening to water. 

Sleep Playlist – Thanks Spotify:)

Childhood friends

As children, we became friends for no apparent reason. It might have been coincidence, it might have been the lunch boxes or just a “borrow the paint brush” incident. However, I don’t remember why I got close with my friends. At the same time, I do remember how I would do anything for my friends. Then I grew up and started seeing the cracks. The world gave me many lenses to wear. The purely unadulterated love got diluted. And like many others, I moved on to different friends and stranger lands.

But , if for some strange reason, many years later, you spend time with these somewhat forgotten friends, you’ll discover that unadulterated love again. You’ll spend time recollecting old memories, recollecting stories that you remember partially but as a group you can piece together ,or just discovering new dimensions of your old friends.

Through these conversations, you may discover that while a lot has changed, not much has actually changed. The somewhat forgotten friends will be able to bring out some of that unadulterated love. And thats a lovely feeling.

It’s lovely to rekindle the child in us again. It’s lovely to remember the blind belief we had in each other. Its lovely to pull the same legs but discover new coping mechanisms. Its lovely to be a child again but with a grown up twist. It’s lovely to spend a weekend with childhood friends.

Why do you help others?

When we eat that exquisite piece of chocolate- it is important to recognize that it is not that chocolate we desire. Instead we desire the person who will be happy once he eats that chocolate – we desire the pleased self.

So when someone asks for help – it is not the task at hand(or the favour itself) that we desire. Instead we desire the pleased Person B, which in turn will make us pleased. As always, we desire the pleased self.

For next time you are asked to wash the dishes 🙂