When you get stuck…

There are moments when you are against a problem that seems a bit too large for you. There are times when you just have too much to think of, that you can’t get your head around it all. Some give up, some fight back.

Most fight-backs against such situations involves thought and strategising. When the problem is a bit too large & the variable innumerable – the analysis phase usually leads to a paralysis.

I find the easiest way to avoid such a situation is to just form a hypothesis & take an action early on (call it a proof of concept, hypothesis validation, pilot, whatever other fancy name you can come up with). If you try early, you can fail without pressure – after all it was a test & we are still gathering our views on the innumerable variables.

The approach usually teaches you more than pure analysis & more importantly gives you momentum. Life is a momentum game after all.


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