Doing “this” for “that” 

If you do “this” for “that”, you are likely to be in a state of pain. It is better to do “this” just for “this”.

Otherwise, “this” becomes a hindrance or an obstacle that you just want to get done with. You can’t enjoy it.

I want to exercise vs I have to exercise


Open Minded & Assertive at the same time

Struggling with the concept of disagreement. In certain cases – i disagree but I don’t get the final say. Such cases bring in the art of influence, but for now – this excerpt gives a

Great excerpt from Learn or Die (from Ray Dalio).

I began seeking out the smartest people I could find who disagreed with me so that I could understand their reasoning. Only after I fully grasped their points of view could I decide to reject or accept them. By doing this again and again over the years, not only have I increased my chances of being right, but I have also learned a huge amount.

There’s an art to this process of seeking out thoughtful disagreement. People who are successful at it realize that there is always some probability they might be wrong and that it’s worth the effort to consider what others are saying — not simply the others’ conclusions, but the reasoning behind them — to be assured that they aren’t making a mistake themselves. They approach disagreement with curiosity, not antagonism, and are what I call “open-minded and assertive at the same time.” This means that they possess the ability to calmly take in what other people are thinking rather than block it out, and to clearly lay out the reasons why they haven’t reached the same conclusion. They are able to listen carefully and objectively to the reasoning behind differing opinions.

When most people hear me describe this approach, they typically say, “No problem, I’m open-minded!” But what they really mean is that they’re open to being wrong. True open-mindedness is an entirely different mind-set. It is a process of being intensely worried about being wrong and asking questions instead of defending a position. It demands that you get over your ego-driven desire to have whatever answer you happen to have in your head be right. Instead, you need to actively question all of your opinions and seek out the reasoning behind alternative points of view.