Going Short or Going Long?

There is always a dissonance between what’s in front of us now and what could be.

Taking that well paid job that’ll be stable or looking for that dream job where you’ll learn the most but not earn the most…

Focusing on the problem & task at hand, or concentrating on the growth & emotions of your team members….

Eating an extra slice of pizza or aiming to be healthy when your grandchild turns 18…

Walking away from a relationship because it complicates life today or working through it because it’ll enhance life later…

Do think through the long term implications of your decisions today.

Lessons from Biryani!

For a long time,I’ve been a fan of Biryanis and a few months ago I started a photo album on Facebook about Biryanis. I did on a whim – but apparently it captured peoples’ hearts(appetites). Since people have reached out with their biryani recommendations, share biryani memes/ memories and generally include me in any Biryani conversations. I’ve actually learnt more about (and ate more) Biryanis as a result!

Is it honestly so easy to polarize the world towards certain aspects of your life? Here’s applying to Biryani polarization to more “fruit”ful goals in the new year!


A snap from my Biryani album!

Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 11.25.23 am.png

Lessons from grandpa


This is a photo of my grandfather & myself walking by the beach. This photo constantly reminds me of 3 things:

  • Remain curious – my grandpa asks way too many questions – approximately 5 questions a minute(even if he just met you). He asks questions about anything he doesn’t know (often things he knows too – just to get a different perspective). You’re never too old or too knowledgable. Just keep learning!
  • Keep having fun – On the day of the walk, my grandfather of over 85 got into the harsh waves. Given his age, the water would knock him down and he’d have sand & salt in his eyes. Once the waves recede he’d start giggling like a child, pull himself together and go again. It was the most fun I’ve seen a person have. Of course, I guess sometimes that fun comes with a bit of risk and the wrath of onlooking loved ones.
  • Your life outlasts you – I am very close to the grandpa in this pic, but I’ve never met my other grandpa. However, I’ve heard plenty of stories about the great work and impact he had. The remarkable thing is that this person who went before I arrived, now pays (through his pension) partially for my education. An everyday reminder that lives often outlast people.


Staying True to yourself

What do you want? What do you really want? When were you the happiest?

These have been the questions I’ve been asking myself.  More often than not, we end up being someone because we thought someone else would like that, etc etc. Instead can you really identify who you want to be and just go after that?



Giving & Receiving Inputs

People come asking for inputs. Do all of them absorb the advice?

An easy way to find out if someone is really absorbing your advice is to see what percentage of the time they talk. Some just want to share their views.

If in case you are stuck in a situation where you are actually just listening, don’t completely agree but they are defending – then assess how many statements you are making and how many questions you are asking. You need to move to a counselling style questioning mode if you have to get through.