Childhood friends

As children, we became friends for no apparent reason. It might have been coincidence, it might have been the lunch boxes or just a “borrow the paint brush” incident. However, I don’t remember why I got close with my friends. At the same time, I do remember how I would do anything for my friends. Then I grew up and started seeing the cracks. The world gave me many lenses to wear. The purely unadulterated love got diluted. And like many others, I moved on to different friends and stranger lands.

But , if for some strange reason, many years later, you spend time with these somewhat forgotten friends, you’ll discover that unadulterated love again. You’ll spend time recollecting old memories, recollecting stories that you remember partially but as a group you can piece together ,or just discovering new dimensions of your old friends.

Through these conversations, you may discover that while a lot has changed, not much has actually changed. The somewhat forgotten friends will be able to bring out some of that unadulterated love. And thats a lovely feeling.

It’s lovely to rekindle the child in us again. It’s lovely to remember the blind belief we had in each other. Its lovely to pull the same legs but discover new coping mechanisms. Its lovely to be a child again but with a grown up twist. It’s lovely to spend a weekend with childhood friends.


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