Privilege – Two conflicting patterns

When negotiating a pay rise or a bigger project, we are asked to compared ourselves to those who weren’t as lucky as ourselves. When you receive a less than expected reward- you are told its ok, they got lesser. While this is not so convincing, the more convincing argument is usually – you were lucky to even be here, just imagine the plight of those many others in country XYZ; you are very privileged.

Now I agree completely with the privilege theory. However I think there are two emotions getting mixed up here. First is the idea of privilege and how that means you need to give back to help those in need. Second is the idea of privilege and how you must ensure your privilege is fully utilised to achieve something bigger. Of course, by achieving larger things you can give back more as well. But importantly, we need to recognise that because we are privileged we have 2 duties. The duty to give back to others, but you also the duty to achieve more.

Fully utilise the privilege to achieve more. Remember your privilege and give more. Don’t remember your privilege and settle for smaller things.

It’s dangerous to confuse the two emotions – because instead of doing more because you are privileged, you are settling more!

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