The state of mind

My day wasn’t going too well yesterday. It started late, I had to switch tasks often and a task I was working on got so complicated my head started to fry up.

Things changed at 4pm, I decided to leave my work behind and just go to the gym. I knew I wasn’t doing great mentally-  so I deserved a break and needed to change my mindset. When I came back to work again – I didn’t quite feel very happy or very productive(no gym magic). So I started to fake it – I made sure I cracked a joke every few minutes & I chuckled loudly. Walla! I continued working past mid night & had a very productive time!

So my lessons?

1) There are times when I am down. I’ve gotten better at identifying them & walking away.

2) Walking away to the cafe was my default response – I’ve now managed to take myself to the gym instead.

3) When walking away still doesn’t help – fake it! Laugh a bit & soon the world changes around you.

My super-public- habit tracker – Consecutive days  of : Daily Exercise 2 , Blogging 4 , No snooze 4 (Started Feb 1 – Count as of yesterday)


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