Over complicating!

I used to be a chronic “snooze-er”. Alarms will ring starting 5:30am and I ll wake up at 730!

For the last couple of weeks- I ‘ve not snoozed my alarm in the morning. I decide consciously about the time to wake up and I get out of bed. If I don’t get out of bed immediately, then there is a risk that I continue sleeping for long – well sometimes I like to live dangerously.

I was talking about the experience and my friend commented- “waking up without snoozing is easy right? Just get an alarm without a snooze button! ”

Why was I overcomplicating this?

I use the iPhone alarm and it’s easy to disable the snooze when you edit your alarm. I’ve disabled all the snooze functions!

Thanks Yong Kai!


One thought on “Over complicating!

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