If I ran my own school

The school will have 4 principle areas and each student will be measured on these 4 principles.

1) Self Sustenance –  Provide access to a balanced diet, hygienic shelter and sufficient clothing

2) Knowledge & Curiosity – Provide access to information about the world, sciences,arts,etc along with Understanding of interests, ability to express them and ability to pursue them

3) Interpersonal (and Intra-personal) skills –  Impart understanding of meta-knowledge (knowledge about knowledge), psychological structures and promoting reflection

4) Self Worth – Provide each student with opportunities to build self-esteem and understand their potential

All subjects,topics, sports will form perhaps verticals, but across them I will ensure that every student’s need across 4 pillars are met. (For example one student may build curiosity through learning about Tennis and another may build interpersonal skills by teaching Physics)

Dreaming out aloud 🙂


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