Reflecting on a year at Booth

I just wrapped up a year of business school – technically I started school 9 months ago, but that’s how we count years. It has been a whirlwind of a year – a year that has pushed me, a year that has taught me a lot and a year that I have absolutely loved.

Friends who started at school two years ago (21 months ago, not 18 months) are graduating now. Graduation means social media is filled with a barrage of photos, emotional messages and accounts of how much they’ll miss Booth. Some thank their friends, some thank their family, some start new fashion trends (tasteful knee slip). My batch mates, though not in as much rigour, have also taken the chance to profess their undying love for year one of the two year package. I endorse these actions(through likes on Facebook), I would do the same too. I’ve loved my time at Booth. But I’m a rebel, I want to say it differently.

I’m also a reflective rebel, so I ask myself a question. A question that partners ask each other, a question that has many right answers yet one I always find incredibly hard to answer, a question that can make or break partnerships. “Why do you love me/X/her/Booth?”.

Why do I love Booth? I have answers, many answers. Answers that almost everyone seems to repeat. I’ve loved the people here – yes sure. I’ve loved the energy I’ve had through days packed with appointments – appointments that should only be on the same day if you are a maniac or if you are in b-school. I’ve loved the classes, they’ve engrained in me frameworks to think with and I’ve been a fan boy to more than one professor (sorry Goolsbee, Kamenica is in now).  I’ve loved the trips we took together with school mates. I’ve enjoyed the geeky conversations about life, school & company strategies.

So why do I love Booth?  Its all of those things, all combined. The combination taught me a lot. I grew. It’s this growth that I loved (#selfish). It’s knowing that you can continue to grow. It’s the feeling in the morning – knowing that I can experiment, make mistakes and learn something today. I’ve loved that. That’s my #WhyBooth.

What have I learnt? Boy this post has many questions. Lessons from year 1 to follow.



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