Nudge Nudge Nudge – to the finish

In an ideal world, if we need to go from A to B – I would make a grand plan, execute it to perfection and we’ll go to the party.

In our world though, a lot of execution depends on people. People have different agendas, people have different emotions. Nudging i’ve found is very useful. I now plan to go from A to “somewhere close to B” – and each step of the way nudging people towards B. There are 2 outcomes:

1) If time is not urgent, this allows the other passengers to enjoy the journey to B. Better still, they start finding better ways to get there.

2) When people are initially hesitant to come with you on your journey – It helps keep the relationships while yet nudging them to the finish line.


My super-public habit tracker – (looked through my archives  & the no-snooze shall be successfully retired) 

May: Exercise 0 Blogging 3


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