Public Goal Tracking

Earlier this year, I was counting 3 habits – Daily Exercise, Daily Blogging & waking up without snoozing. To my blog posts, i added a daily count like below:

My super-public habit tracker –

Mar: Exercise 4   Blogging 3   No snooze 4 

Feb: Exercise 13 Blogging 13 No snooze 28 

As you fall off the habit wagon, you stop reporting your numbers 🙂

The good thing with such “Super public” habit trackers is that it is “Super public”. Eventually someone asks sheepishly – “What happened to your super public habit tracker”. Good reason to bring it back 🙂

My super-public habit tracker – (looked through my archives  & the no-snooze shall be successfully retired) 

May: Exercise 0 Blogging 2

Apr: Exercise 5   Blogging 9   No snooze 30

Mar: Exercise 18   Blogging 11   No snooze 30

Feb: Exercise 13 Blogging 13 No snooze 28


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