Speaking Or Writing?

A powerful speaker knows that speaking is not about the idea, but it is about the emotion. He knows the audience won’t always remember what they heard, but will remember how they felt.

Speaking has its bounds – it is very hard to convey a complex idea with speech. That’s where essays, mails & presentations come to play.

Writing is a great way to express ideas but harder to express emotions. Speaking is vice versa.

In most daily situation, we do a mix of the two.

  • Logic(text/presentation) to arrive at the problem. Emotions to build that problem.
  • Logic to discuss the options to solve the problem. Try to arrive at a solution.
  • Emotions to push that solution to agreement & immediate execution. (Analysis is logical, decisions are emotional)

Point is – Think of what you are trying to do, find the purpose. Then use the right medium for your purpose.


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