What’s your job? 

I’ve been interacting with a lot of new joiners and I realize that we do hiring fairly wrong.

The job is sold as the thing to do and the company as the place to be. People show up and find they were sold a heaven that doesn’t exist. The bad thing is this means the new employee hates the company within the first few weeks. I like how zappos pays employees to quit in the first couple of months. That might work.

When there are new joiners, the team doesn’t always have a fixed onboarding plan. The new joiner feels lost for a while and this gives the impression that the team doesn’t care. Should human resources check in with all new joiners after 3 months?

Finally, I think it’s important to not just tell the new joiner what their job is, but also tell them why they were hired. Why did we put in effort and take the risk on you? I think this will give a better foundation to a hopefully – very long relationship.


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