Disagreement resolution 

I am opinionated, I often run into disagreements. I learnt early that being open to a discussion is important to then resolve the disagreement. 

What I am slowly realizing is the importance of helping the other party remain open. The other person may have a very differnt personality and find it hard to remain open to a discussion. However, I am realizing that I can play a huge role in allowing the other person to remaining open. 

  1. Help save face- disagreeing privately helps a lot in this case. Or finding the resolution scenario that makes the other party look good. 
  2. Don’t reveal your stance – Don’t disagree, just say “I don’t understand, can you help me understand” . Ask questions about the topic. 
  3. Agree temporarily – Say that’s fascinating because I would have done … But actually your solution ensures we gain XYZ and then ask questions that lead to the reason you disagree. 
  4. Diffuse the situation or delay the discussion to a happier time – Disagree, wait for the reaction, say you are tired & need a coffee. Go for a coffee together and ask that we discuss the issue after the coffee. Start the discussion with a joke after coffee-if only it were as easy as coffee or something. 
  5. Admit when you didn’t consider a scenario or are wrong! 

Remaining open is important to resolving a disagreement. Also important is my ability to help the other party remain open. 

Do you have other views? 


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