Art of Persuasion

You understand Chinese and I don’t. If we both went to China – everyone will probably speak to us in Chinese – but you would understand them and I wouldn’t. In that scenario, you will be able to communicate back to them and perhaps you are at an advantage.

In the world, everyone speaks one language. The language of human behaviour, psychology and motives. At the risk of a very wide generalisation, despite our varied upbringing our instincts & body language is fairly similar. Now therefore the world is speaking this language – let’s call it “Soft language”. If you understood it and I didn’t, then just like in China you are at an advantage.

The underlying language is pretty similar across the world – everyone speaks it, few understand it. Understanding it doesn’t make you a magician nor does it make you manipulative. The underlying “Soft Language” is just another language you can learn & another weapon in your armour.


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