3 questions for better feedback

I love asking for feedback – well I am still just getting used to it , but the results are great and I love the results.

The process of sending my work to a bunch of people, asking them to be brutal, and then reading their varied comments is very very scary. Each time I get a varied set of results – one person likes an aspect, the other hates it.P1 likes ABC but P2 dislikes ABC. Sometimes it’s just so brutal.

But what I now find useful is to ask 3 questions to the reviewer:

1) what do you like?
2) what do you not like ?
3) what confuses you ?

This provides a balance of like/dislike so I don’t eliminate the good work by mistake. It also ensures people don’t tell me they dislike a certain aspect because they don’t understand it. And often I follow up with a few “why” questions for each input. This eliminates howlers and opposing views quite well (P1 like ABC because of XYZ but P2 dislikes ABC because of ZZZ)

I’ve found this to work very well as with some effort it gives a fairly consistent view of my work and great direction to improving it.


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