Learning to ride a cycle

Here are the instructions:

  1. Stand perpendicular to the cycle, with the handlebar side of the cycle ahead of you. Put a leg across the cycle such that the cycle is now between your legs
  2. Get yourself seated on the cycle seat, leave one foot on the floor and another on a pedal. Press the foot on the pedal down clockwise and the cycle will start to move forward. As the cycle starts moving, the other foot should also be placed on the other pedal.
  3. Keep pedalling with both feet. The cycle will move forward based on the force you apply on the pedals.

Congratulations you have now learnt to ride a cycle. Believed me? No?

Then why look for tips, tricks and techniques to change your life overnight. Go get your hands dirty, fall down a few times and keep fine tuning your approach – that’s the way you learn.


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