My house help is smarter than me…

I’ve always admitted that I am very impressed with my house help. She came to the rescue again today.

I got locked out of my bathroom. It’s been locked for a day now (thankfully I have 2 bathrooms in the house). I tried pulling the door and pushing it, tried all angles and degrees of force on the lock, I even tried talking to the door(open sesame). No luck.

This morning, I asked my house help help. She first asked me if it wasn’t opening (not sure if its reaffirmation or teaching me hindi by repeating my broken sentence with correct grammar). Then she tried opening the door – no luck. Unlike me, she gave up in 5 seconds, looked around, found a nail cutter. She used the back end to open the door and walla- it was open within 45 seconds of my initial question. And I apparently studied engineering!

My Realisation – Sometimes I forget that everyone is smarter than me. Ok Well, EVERYONE is smarter than me …  How can I improve my life by asking for help more often?


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