The message on the gate

Many years ago, a victorius king wanted to build a gate to his city. He wanted the gate to carry a message that would stand the test of time.

He gathered a bunch of wise people. They were asked to come up with a message that would be timeless yet also stand for everything the city stood for. The king said the message (like the city) should mean something to the ruler & the rules, young & the old, the wise & not so wise, the happy & the sad, the rich & the poor and the loved & the not so loved. He wanted a message that would apply to all.

The wise people searched for long and searched far. Many candidates were deliberated on and finally the wise people agreed on a message. The gate reads “This too shall pass” …


One thought on “The message on the gate

  1. This too shall pass ! What a strong and impactful message! Thank you for this! I just needed a dose of wisdom for the day and ive got it!


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