In search of Pizza

I recently watched a tamil movei –Kaaka Muttai. The story revolves around two slum children of Chennai whose desire is to taste a pizza. They collect money by selling charcoal & try to use the money to buy pizza. They are not let in because they were from the slum. So then they try to go look for ways to buy better clothes and eventually “obtain” better clothes. On their second attempt- they are denied entry again. The story continues with such twists until the last scene where the boys are greeted at the pizza spot with a red carpet . The owner also promises to give them pizzas whenever they come even if they don’t have money to give. However, the final scene shows the brothers saying to each other that the dosa which their grandmother gave them was better than the pizza they were eating.

Isn’t life much the same? When we focus very heavily on the goal, often when we get to the destination we are disappointed.

After all, life is about looking out of the window.


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