The Why…

Consciously thinking of the “why” to any situation can go a long way. Here are two situations that happened yesterday that outlined it.

I had travelled to my cousin’s house to meet her 1 year old daughter. I had previously only met her on her first day on earth – doubt she remembers much from that day. The setting therefore is cousin, her husband, her daughter, her brother & me. The baby ran around for a bit, when I remembered I had to upload a few documents and I quickly logged in to complete it. The baby girl fell asleep by the time I was done. The purpose of the visit was clearly to spend time with the young one, but I just forgot about it due to the reminders a phone gave me.

Later in the evening, as I was about to leave I went around the house hugging goodbye. My aunt was in the kitchen and fairly sweaty. She was hesitant about the hug as she felt she was sweaty. This time I remembered my why and got my hug in.

There are plenty of things to do in the world. The tough part is not completing all these many things, the tough part is to  remembering the why.

My super-public habit tracker 

June: Exercise 3 Blogging 2 Meditation 0

May: Exercise 4 Blogging 10 Meditation 6


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