Living Alone – What a change!

Its been an interesting journey – for 17 years I lived with parents. There were frequent announcements (parents screaming at me) , magical self cleaning rooms & a supply of food. For the next 5 years or so I lived in my own room. The room was about two lunges wide & there were corners for clothes, books and other stuff! Toilets still had self cleaning & food was available quite easily. For the next 4 years I lived with other people – complaining often about their habits and also complaining about their complaints about my habits.

At each phase I had human interaction , but suddenly I live alone now. A huge place – all to myself. I’ve built in the auto cleaning with the “maid module”. Food gets served thanks to a hobby. But the solitude is new.

At first a challenge, but now I am starting to enjoy it. Reading, relaxing and treating it as thinking space!


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