Autobiography of a Yogi

3 quick notes from my morning read. The book has many hidden gems.

Abu Said on religious life: “To lay aside what you have in your head (selfish desires and ambitions); to freely bestow what you have in your hand; and never to flinch from the blows of adversity!”

India’s unwritten law for truth seekers is patience 


“Mind is the wielder of muscles. The force of a hammer blow depends on the energy applied; the power expressed by a man’s bodily instrument depends on his aggressive will and courage. The body is literally manufactured and sustained by mind. Through pressure of instincts from past lives, strengths or weaknesses percolate gradually into human consciousness. They express as habits, which in turn ossify into a desirable or an undesirable body. Outward frailty has mental origin; in a vicious circle, the habit-bound body thwarts the mind. If the master allows himself to be commanded by a servant, the latter becomes autocratic; the mind is similarly enslaved by submitting to bodily dictation.”

The third particularly hit home as the the talk is about mental strength required when one fights tigers. While the quote has much wider implications – in this context was spoken about to fight challenges (tigers). The challenger needs physical strength but also the mental strength required to treat tigers like cats. This applies to every tiger we face in life – inner and outer.

Problem solving:  Mental strength to fight tigers; There are no problems, merely puzzles; and “Patience” seems to be the mantra!

My super-public- habit tracker –

Mar: Exercise 4   Blogging 3   No snooze 4 

Feb: Exercise 13 Blogging 13 No snooze 28 


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