Waiting – getting over the frustration

I get frustrated when I wait for someone – I get stuck in a negative state. Maybe I have more to lose in such situations and I’ve tried to find ways to get comfortable with waiting.

  1. Wait in a comfortable place: I try not to wait for anyone at a bus stop, outdoor area or market! Rather wait for them at a more comfortable place – say a cafe. So the plan is never – “Let’s meet by that road corner and walk over to my favourite cafe”  but its rather “Meet at my favourite cafe, call if you are lost”.
  2. Have something to do: I carry a notebook and some 10-15 min task that I can complete. Switching my mental state from “can’t believe he is making me wait” to “oh yay, 10 mins to do XYZ” helps. Or play a game 😛
  3. Prepare for a grand opening:  Most late-comers will start with “Sorry I am late”. That means you can also plan your response and shape the rest of the meeting, here are some curve balls to give you an idea.
    • To surprise – “That’s ok, you must have run over and its a hot day. Here’s a lemon aid to cool down”
    • Get a free meal – “Thats ok, the least I could do is wait, you are going to pay after all!”
    • For sarcasm lovers “Oh I love waiting for you”

I think the big lesson is to move from thinking of the waiting time as an annoying experience to celebrating the extra “me time”.

Do you have other tips?


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