Treating all like Family

Let’s face it – the world is filled with idiots. Some argue that there are more idiots than the world population (I call you both idiots, you both call me an idiot and you call each other idiots. So we have 6 idiots but only 3 people. Idiotic Math). Some argue that if you meet idiots all day – you are the idiot. And the science around idiots is quite intriguing, but I am experimenting with dealing with the idiot (myself or the other person – doesn’t matter at this point).

To catch yourself from getting angry the next time, try to treat the other person as a relative. That cute grandpa who forgets everything or the far away uncle who doesn’t understand anything you said or the grumpy old uncle who just doesn’t agree with anything you say. You are not allowed to shout at any of them – so what do you do instead?  Shower some love and hope for the best 🙂