Talks on Public Speaking:

Speech Structures [Slides] : A presentation about speech structures.It’s hard to find your style, but you can achieve great results with effective structure.

Lessons from Learning Antenna [Slides]: Presentation outlining 15 speaking tips to help toastmasters prepare for contests.

Evaluate to Motivate[Video] : A 20 min talk on giving speech evaluations that would help a speaker improve.

The TMOD ABCD[Slides]: Handout notes from a presentation about being a Toastmaster of the day (host of an event). (Video here)

Other Speeches:

The learning Antenna: A speech about Learning from the world around us.

The present:  A mini-good bye to Singapore. The past does not exist… Only a memory of the past exists…

Fatso:  A humorous speech about Fat loss and how your thoughts matter more.

Magic Dust: A tribute to my mentor- about how he impacted my life despite being many miles away. An informal talk on my last day at Pune.

Ichi-go Ichi-e : Inspired by a blog post on this blog, I wrote a speech about excessive use of the phone – phubbing 🙂  This speech was later improved for Toastmaster contests – missed out on recording those!

Emotional Bhel: An experimental speech delivered almost completely seated. Inspired by Inside Out. An attempt to understand the various conflicting emotions one simultaneously faces.

A fight with my conscience: A speech about choosing the financially viable path and the path that will make the world a better place. About how while we can’t do all the good the world needs, the world needs all the good we can do.

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