Management – 60% you – 40% others

60% of management is managing yourself, 40% is reaching out to people and addressing their fears.

Heard this fantastic way to think about management from Suresh Narayanan, at a talk about brand management organized by MMA& Equitor 

So fascinating. When thinking about how to lead better, I often focus on how I can understand and respond to people. While those skills are important, much of the challenge lies in the prep leading up to that moment.

Case in point – providing your team clarity, often begins with clarity in your own head.

Keep Opening doors for yourself, keep walking through them

Wonderful message from Rich Lesser (CEO, Boston Consulting Group) to the graduating class for 2020.  On Linked here, and embedded below.

My favorite part, timely but also timeless, is right at the end:

Keep Opening Doors for yourself,

Keep walking through them,

With a willingness to let yourself grow, change and learn,

Not just now, but always,

With persistence driving you.

The opportunities are limitless – for you to make a difference & create a sense of fulfillment in your own lives.

Your duty today…

Our duty today is:

  • To perform at your highest potential
  • To build a better version of yourself

“Today” is typically derived from the past and the future.

The past does not exist, only our memories of the past exist. Our version of the events of the past, invokes in us a reaction in the present. Any event evokes in us a positive reaction or a negative reaction, and leaves behind a lesson.

Our duty to the past then, is to take the pieces that will help you be the best version of you today. Take from the past anything that will motivate you today, and the lessons you can apply today. Gratitude towards people & events of the past are always great motivators. Memories, thoughts, or emotions from the past that do not serve this purpose – must be deleted, subdued or best – reprogrammed.

Our duty to the future, is to bring to the present that which will provide drive & direction now. Typically, this starts with articulating your dreams for the future, and truly visualizing it to give it life. The dream maybe a be a monetary goal, a new skill, or a slightly more intangible objective e.g. “being a better leader”.

The bigger the dream, the harder it is to begin. Begin by focusing on the now. Break down your big dream into smaller bits – pieces for the now. Then ensure a considerable portion of your calendar today is dedicated to that future you.

If you struggle with this piece – your goal may still be vague or your action for today is unclear. Cut yourself some slack, this is not a perfect linear path. Plan some actions for now anyway– actions that might help you explore and uncover those goals & actions (talk to someone or complete that “somewhat aligned to my dream, but not quite” task). After all, this is better than no action, and will help us build a better version of ourselves.

All of this takes constant effort of course – but that is the goal. You have a duty today, dependent on the past & the future.

P.S. For those who journal, think of yesterday & tomorrow.