How are your New Year Resolutions doing?

It’s a month into the year- how are your resolutions working for you?

If you are stuck like me (my exercise/reflection habits) , I recommend that you think hard about the goal. Convert the goal into a process goal or a theme goal rather than one final milestone. For example, Instead of “get fitter and lose x kg” goal, move to “exercise everyday” or better still “exercise at least 7 mins everyday” or EVEN better still “exercise at least 7 mins first thing in the morning”.

The trick is to find a way to measure something everyday- I mark a calendar on a fitness app. I am looking to spend time each day reflecting and learning- but my diary habit hasn’t kicked in. I am starting to like the calendar on the right side of this blog to measure it.

Still working through these struggles – so let me know if you have better ideas!

Don’t break the chain (Starting Feb 1 – as of yesterday)

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