Acting Vs Reacting to emotions

Acting involves deciding to express an emotion, reacting means responding to changes in your emotions. Acting to emotions is fine, reacting is dangerous.

Reacting to both positive (happy) and negative(anger) are dangerous.  It is easy to see the consequences of angry reactions- spoilt relationships, hurting people, rash decisions etc. Reactions to positive emotions are equally dangerous – people take on more risk for example. A more subtle such occurrence happened at a coffee meeting –  as I got comfortable with the person – I opened up more. I was happy the meeting was going great, got excited & lost my composure. I shared more about myself than I should have, which then became a detriment to our relationship. I was jumping with joy but the carpet was removed below my legs!

Keep watching – the emotional reactions are dangerous!

I am …

I have been reading “I am that“. I was inspired to read the book based on just one quote I read someplace. They attributed it to the book!

“Love tells me, i am everything.
Wisdom tells me, i am nothing.
And in between flows my life.”

The last 2 lines meant a lot to me, the first did not. I wanted to read more – so I picked up the book and am giving it a shot. The book has many gems and is very thought provoking. Not an easy read for me – but I expect more processing over the next few days! Here is another gem!

“To deal with things knowledge of things is needed. To deal with
people, you need insight, sympathy. To deal with yourself, you need
nothing. Be what you are–conscious being–and don’t stray away from

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The World Cup

The World Cup is here and I am in chennai now. The entire country is analyzing the game tomorrow against Pakistan.

I used to be part of this- somehow I don’t seem so glued in yet. Will give it sometime- this could just be because I am hardly around too many cricket fans nowadays.

More importantly it feels like I am glued into things based on the people around you.

Did some meditation today, just after my exercise of the day 😉 The meditation routine is called “laser”, learning to focus on something. I focused on a slight niggle I had on my back & I think I diagnosed it in 20 mins! That sounds like a good method worth trying more often!

Running on empty?

For the past few days I ve been struggling to write anything, in fact I ve been struggling to reflect on what I’ve done.

So I thought of why that was the case. I think it’s because am running on an empty tank- close to no thinking time. Good realization to have. Tomorrow is a complete task-free rest day. Well actually it’s a task free thinking only day. Let’s see how that works out.

Wonder is good…

More doors close.. and more questions to ask about myself. More wonder about what more exciting things the future has in store…

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Counts are now skewed… Need a more efficient tracker. Ideas?

Fear is good

Fear is good, panic is bad.

A passing comment I heard from someone who was getting over his fear of public speaking. The statement is very powerful.

We fear fear. But fear is awesome! Fear prepares our body for fight. Fear prepares our body to perform at our best. Fear is an indicator that we care. Fear shows us we are alive.

It is important to recognise our fear & learn to enjoy it. Fear keeps us going – don’t fear fear! Enjoy it instead. The panic will go away on its own.

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Slept an entire day without any alarms. Should count towards no snoozing 😉

Happiness is a currency

We know that we shouldn’t just sit on money. We should do something with the money – spend it, invest it or share it.

It’s interesting to think of happy memories as a currency too.We earn “happy memories” by our own actions – time with loved ones, an exciting experience or just simple gestures. Through life we collect many of these happy memories – now we have choice to keep them locked in some locker or they can be put to use.  Don’t just have a happy memory – cherish the happy memories, share your happiness , look back at them often.

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Bad end of the week! Picking it all up again!

The state of mind

My day wasn’t going too well yesterday. It started late, I had to switch tasks often and a task I was working on got so complicated my head started to fry up.

Things changed at 4pm, I decided to leave my work behind and just go to the gym. I knew I wasn’t doing great mentally-  so I deserved a break and needed to change my mindset. When I came back to work again – I didn’t quite feel very happy or very productive(no gym magic). So I started to fake it – I made sure I cracked a joke every few minutes & I chuckled loudly. Walla! I continued working past mid night & had a very productive time!

So my lessons?

1) There are times when I am down. I’ve gotten better at identifying them & walking away.

2) Walking away to the cafe was my default response – I’ve now managed to take myself to the gym instead.

3) When walking away still doesn’t help – fake it! Laugh a bit & soon the world changes around you.

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