When it’s going… Not so well!

When I am lost, when I am frustrated, when I am about to give up, when sleep doesn’t help…

I try to make it fun. If I am going down, I must as well have fun 🙂

Often i just need energy to turn the situation around, and when I have fun I often start finding pride in the work and that makes a huge difference to energy levels! Here is to finding more ways to have fun!

To be a Better Listener – Respond, don’t react…

From Inc – lovely article on listening

Respond, don’t react. I love this mantra and keep it top of mind, especially when I know I’m about to hear bad news or something that could upset me. It’s perfectly normal to want to spout out the first thing that hits your mind, but in most cases you’re better off to take a second to digest the content of what you’ve just heard.

“Listening is being able to be changed by the other person.”Alan Alda

Sometimes this means saying, “I heard you but I need time to think about my response”. That’s cool, as long as you don’t let too much time-lapse. Or, respond in the moment and then come back if after further thought you have additional comments to add. Both actions show the person 1) you heard them 2) you wanted to be thoughtful in your reply and 3) you take what was said seriously.